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Perfection Mineral Mud Body Mask - Natural

This mineral & nutrient rich Mud Body Mask will gently but effectively cleanse & purify your skin. The natural concentration of trace & essential elements ensure that excess oil & impurities are eliminated to enable skin to absorb moisture & breathe, while the active minerals condition & tighten the skin, leaving it firm, radiant & refreshed..

Size : 500 gr / 17.6 oz.

Ingredients: Silt (Dead Sea Black Mud), Bronopol (2-Bromo-2-nitropropane-1,3 diol), DMDM Hydantoin.

Directions for use: Apply the mud in a generous layer over the entire body and leave for 10-15 minutes.
Rinse well with lukewarm water and then apply Intensive SPA Body Lotion or Body Butter to complete the treatment.


Lying 420 meters (1,378ft) below sea level and situated in the heart of the Great Syrian-African rift, the Dead Sea is the lowest place on earth. It is also one of the saltiest bodies of water, being almost 9 times saltier than the ocean. The Dead Sea is a terminal lake with no outlet for its water except for evaporation. The combination of hot, dry desert air and high evaporation rates is what gives the Dead Sea its high salt & mineral content. In fact, the Dead Sea contains as many as 21 key minerals, many of which are vital for healthy, vibrant skin and some of which are listed below.

The Magnesium content of the Dead Sea is about 15 times higher than the ocean. Magnesium is vital for cell metabolism and is known to activate enzymes in order to accelerate cell renewal. Sodium is known to improve the skin's elasticity as well as aiding in the removal of dead skin cells and improving the skin's permeability. Potassium is known to improve oxidation and is one of the energy sources to skin cells. The Bromide concentration in the Dead Sea is around 50 times higher than other salts. Bromide is known to sooth the skin and to treat a range of skin ailments. Chloride is vital for cell metabolism and mineral balance. Calcium, which is vital for strengthening cell membranes, cleansing pores and easing pain. Bitumen which is known as an anti-inflammatory agent, Iodine, which is vital for cell energy & metabolism and finally Zinc which is vital for enzymatic regulation of cell proliferation.

It is the unique combination of the high mineral content of the water, the very low pollen and allergen count in the atmosphere, the reduced ultraviolet radiation from the sun and the higher atmospheric pressure that make the Dead Sea a true geological phenomenon. On the bed of the Dead Sea, lies a homogeneous blend of these concentrated Dead Sea minerals, earth and other organic matters that have formed naturally over thousands of years. Known as Dead Sea Mud, this naturally extracted and unprocessed mineral rich black mud is renowned worldwide for its cosmetic, curative & therapeutic properties.

Cosmetically, the mineral & nutrient rich mud is known to accelerate the exfoliation process, to remove excess oils & impurities from the skin to cleanse and purify it, therefore allowing the skin to better absorb moisture and re-hydrate. The mud's high concentration of trace & essential elements improve the elasticity of the skin, minimizing pores & wrinkles, conditioning & tightening the skin to leave it looking toned, firm, radiant & refreshed.

Curatively, the Dead Sea mud has long been known to successfully treat a variety of dermatological disorders particularly psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, vitiligo among others and many scientific articles have been published on the subject.

Therapeutically, when applied heated, the mud is known to ease muscular & nervous tension and to improve blood circulation & alleviate rheumatic and general aches & pains.

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This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 23 May, 2015.
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